You never really know where it's coming from until it's already here
The feeling like you've been beat into the ground and everything you think you know disappears
But will I let it break me down?
Can I stand up from the ground?
And in this moment
I will know it
and I can

Can't take my life from me
If it was all I had to give
And if it I lost anyway
Then it wasn't my time to live
But ya know
I'd come back and try it all again

And on my second time around
I'd put it all on the line
Make sure to take it all
Leave nothing out to dry
Cause you know
Time is just one more thing we waste

All I ever I thought I would amount to be was nothing more then an empty dream
But I chased it down until I found it wasn't the dream for me
If I let it die right here
Is it still alive somewhere?
And in this moment
I will know it
And I can

And I know I lost my way
But it'll find me again
When the time is right when the world is wrong
When the worst thoughts settle in
Then I'll know
All I am is what I'll always be

And then I'll never need to wonder again
Whats the worst that could happen to me
Self doubt finding it's way in
Is as bad as bad can be
But ya know
I don't want to let me down again

Now that I've been down every road I know wasn't paved for me
I find comfort living in this moment of clarity
But what will happen when it fades?
Will a new one come my way?
And this moment
Is golden
And I can


from The Good Fight, released December 18, 2015


tags: punk Austin


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Buried Cities Austin, Texas

Buried Cities was formed in 2010, then known as Revenants with an additional 5th member. In 2013 they became a four piece and changed their name to Buried Cities. Buried Cities now has two European tours under their belt and has released two full length albums, a split 7" and a 12" split. Buried Cities is best known for their anthemic vocal melodies and high energy live shows. ... more

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